Linked Souls news!


Well after a looong time without update it’s time to change that! To start off i will throw some news about our upcoming game:

Linked Souls

Yeah it’s time to show some new things right? For starters the pre-alpha trailer

And the new artwork we have for the game (click to enlarge):


After this news we have to hold our breath a little about the game, but we have another great game to showcase too! Only after me (the designer) finish some animations.

To the future!


Hey guys!

I’m here to share an important info about our future:

So far we have teased you two games under development, Linked Souls (LS for short) and the sprite we shared on christmas.

LS is a pc game (and consoles too, if we manage to get it there :P), and it will be a big game, at least compared to everything else we have planned. We aren’t able to finish it with our current budget (zero), so we are developing a smaller game for mobile (the shared sprite 🙂 video is coming soon) hoping to, at least, generate some coverage about us. Then we will try a crowdfunding campaing to raise funds for LS or, big emphasis on OR, another planned game, that is smaller than LS.

We haven’t shared LS for nothing, it’s a game we want to finish, and will as soon as possible!