To the future!


Hey guys!

I’m here to share an important info about our future:

So far we have teased you two games under development, Linked Souls (LS for short) and the sprite we shared on christmas.

LS is a pc game (and consoles too, if we manage to get it there :P), and it will be a big game, at least compared to everything else we have planned. We aren’t able to finish it with our current budget (zero), so we are developing a smaller game for mobile (the shared sprite 🙂 video is coming soon) hoping to, at least, generate some coverage about us. Then we will try a crowdfunding campaing to raise funds for LS or, big emphasis on OR, another planned game, that is smaller than LS.

We haven’t shared LS for nothing, it’s a game we want to finish, and will as soon as possible!

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